Household Hazards for Toy Dogs


This is a list of possible injuries that could be fatal to your dog.


Jumping off of furniture - We have heard stories of toy pups getting broken toes to broken necks from jumping off of furniture. They could break a bone or more or get internal injuries.


Jumping out of someone's arms - Same as jumping off of furniture but when being held the puppy may be even farther off the ground. They could break a bone or more or get internal injuries.


Chewing on electrical (Christmas light) cords - They could get shocked or electrocuted.


Recliners - Rocking Chairs - Dogs can get caught up in the mechanisms of a recliner and could get killed. A dog may also be right under your rocking chair and get squashed or crushed. They could break a bone or more or get internal injuries.


Stepped on… - They will run right under your feet before you realize it so be careful.


Hypoglycemia - This is low blood sugar. Make sure your pup eats and is not too stressed. If they may be in a stressful situation give them extra attention and nutri-cal/forti-cal (vitamin supplement).


May run out the door and could get hit by a vehicle. These adorable little dogs can be really fast. Always keep your eye on your pup.


Birds of prey -whatever is native to where you live…hawks, owls, osprey, eagles, etc. We have heard numerous stories about toy dogs being picked up and taken by hawks.


Predatory animals - whatever is native to where you live…coyotes, wolves, fox, etc.


Dogs or Cats - When I was young my Aunt and Uncle's cat swatted at and scratched the eye of their toy poodle and her eye had to be removed.

This list is just the things that we have heard about or could think of that could be dangerous for a toy dog. If you know of anything else that you think we should add to this list please email us and let us know. We want our little doggie friends to be safe, happy and healthy!
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