Penelope Plump wasn’t quite as she seemed. She wore fanciful frocks of reds and greens. She danced on her toes and sneezed with her nose, gathering tulips in rows upon rows upon rows.

Her basket she’d fill as she headed to town. Skipping and laughing trying not to fall down. To town she would go to sale tulips galore. And after she sold them she would gather some more.

For her fun was in picking and plucking and such. She loved her tulips so very very much. The pink ones and red ones and yellow ones too. Not one did she dislike not even the blue. While on her way to town whom did Penelope see?


Penelope Plump

starring: Champagne the Yorkiepoo

Feeling very happy about the treasure she had found, Penelope packed it with her flowers and headed back towards town. Thinking of the ice-cream, the apples with pie…. Penelope soon found Flip sitting staring at the sky. “What are you looking at Flip?” Penelope asked sitting down. With flowers and corals she plopped on the ground.

“Just daydreaming” said Flip. “Thinking of my new surprise.” Penelope pulled out the coral and Flip remarked at the size. “It’s beautiful Penelope at least 5 inches high. For this most brilliant coral you deserve a giant slice of pie.”

Penelope thanked Flippity and Flip thanked her too. Now off to town they hurried singing skippidy do. The town was packed with people of every critter type. There was an elephant named Ellie and a Zebra named Stripe. They sold their goods and bartered making friends as they went. Laughing and singing, this has been a day well spent.

With her basket empty, and all of her tulips gone, Penelope headed home humming a happy song.

Why it was her old bunny pal, Flippity Floppity . As Flippity Floppity went skipping down the rode he was singing silly songs and selling pie alamode. “Oh hello there Flip” said Penelope with a grin. “Do you have any goodies for an old pal, friend?” “I’ll trade you some flowers for a piece of that pie, with plenty of ice-cream, now don’t you be shy.”


“A trade yes indeed, but not for the floral.” “You see” Flip admitted “I am partial to coral.” So to the sea Penelope went as she skipped and she twirled. For ice-cream and pie to the edge of the world. When she got to the ocean she found lots of coral . She picked out the best one it was orange with a swirl.