The Birthday Bears in...


The day the puppies were born.
The birthday bears sat patiently on the edge of the whelping box waiting for the new Yorkiepoo Puppies to be born.
Precious the Poodle was just as excited about the new puppies as the birthday bears. Precious could not wait to meet her new babies. The vet had said that she had seen 3 puppies in Precious's radiograph that was taken two days earlier. So she knew that at least 3 of the birthday bears would be getting a new puppy. But just like with birthday candles you always need an extra one to grow on!
They waited and waited and finally...
Baby boy #1 arrived. He was a beautiful all black butter bean. He was a very wiggly and squirmy puppy. Little blue birthday bear jumped down to meet his new puppy. The two were instant friends.

It wasn't very long until a beautiful baby girl was born. She has more of the Yorkie coloring with the black and brown. Little yellow birthday bear laughed with delight and jumped down to greet her new puppy. The two bonded right away.

And last but not least came baby boy #2. He also has the Yorkie Puppy coloring. (Black and Brown) Little green birthday bear jumped up as fast as he could and ran to meet his new puppy. The two warmed up to each other from the moment they met.
Precious and her Yorkiepoo Babies all had a very exhausting day. The puppies had a quick meal.
And then it was time for a nap. The birthday bears smiled as they watched over the new puppies. What a long and wonderful day it had been. A nap sounded like a splendid idea indeed.
Check back for new stories of the Birthday Bears and their Yorkiepoo Puppies!