The Quackers in...
Labor Day Weekend!
Pheobe and the Quackers were waiting for the new Yorkiepoo babies to be born.
And they waited some more.
The quackers were getting tired and they hung down their heads. Momma knew what the quackers needed and she put them to bed.
"Hey what's that noise?" Little Quacker said. As he pulled down his covers and jumped out of bed.
"I think a puppies coming!" little quacker quacked with glee.
"Oh boy!" said the others "Please move so I can see!"
Baby boy #1 had finally made is way here. All the quackers quacked loudly greeting him with cheer!
It wasn't very long until baby boy #2 came along. The quackers were so happy they sang him a song!
Baby boy #3 came an hour or so after. His presence made the quackers glad and the room filled with laughter.
3 boys my goodness! 3 boys how blessed! Bet you don't know what happens next. Bet you'll never guess!
A beautiful baby girl was born. That makes puppy #4. The quackers were so happy! They quacked and quacked some more!
Momma Pheobe and the quackers layed down again too. The babies were finally here all safe and brand new!
4 beautiful babies needed to get some sleep. They layed down their little heads and barely made a peep..