Considering a New Yorkiepoo Friend?
The Yorkiepoo is a fairly new breed that is being developed. Although there is no set breed standard we hope to one day work with other selective Yorkiepoo breeders to develop one.

The yorkiepoo is a cross between a yorkshire terrier and a toy or miniature poodle. The following is what most yorkiepoo breeders strive for:

Their coat is non-shedding. However, they do lose hair just like us humans. The coat can be soft and silky or fluffy. The coat can be wavy, curly, or straight and comes in all different colors. Their coat continues to grow just as poodles and yorkies coats do so you must keep up with their grooming. Their coat color may change colors or shades as they get older as do yorkshire terriers. Yorkiepoo's eyes are usually dark but can be amber/green colored in chocolate yorkiepoos. Their eyes have a lively expression. They can be almond shaped or round. The nose is usually black but can be brown in chocolates. The ears may stand up like a yorkies or may drop like a poodles or they may have one of each. The feet are small and oval shaped. The impression one should get from a yorkiepoo is that of a well-proportioned dog. Yorkiepoos are extremely intelligent and love to show off their intelligence. The yorkiepoos personality can be a mix of both parent dogs. It is friendly, self confident, loyal, energetic, brave, intelligent, playful, sweet and loving dog. The yorkiepoo loves their family very much and would have their feelings hurt if left out. They may be small but can run very fast. Although this beautiful mix is easily trained they can be quite stubborn. You must constantly keep an eye on your yorkiepoo pup as they think they are invincible. They may try to jump out of your arms or off the couch! Even though they are small in stature the yorkiepoo makes an excellent watch dog. The yorkiepoo does well in an apartment or a house. Their coats should be brushed often to prevent mats. You can use a spray on pet leave in conditioner on my dogs coat before brushing/combing it out. This usually helps with any tangles. Regular bathing, ear cleaning and possible plucking, along with nail trimming is required.

Yorkiepoos are usually very healthy dogs. Since they are a cross of two purebred dogs they have something called hybrid vigor.

Yorkiepoos can be many different colors and color combinations. From our first generation yorkiepoo Pups we have had them be black, black and tan, black, tan and white (tri-colored), black and white, black and blonde, red and white, gold and blonde colored. We have even had a chocolate yorkiepoo puppy from a second yorkiepoo generation litter.

Please research a breeder carefully before selecting your new little Yorkiepoo friend. If you are thinking of getting one please be sure to get your new little bundle of joy from a reputable breeder for your sake and theirs.


We hope this information was helpful. All in all Yorkiepoos are Wonderful, Intelligent, Spunky little dogs with Sweet dispositions.

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